The Theses By Day

How many theses go by each day?

I’ve wondered often. Especially after I realized that some people retain more than others. More memories, more lessons, more words etc. Moreover, some people are taught different lessons than others. Some are taught to savor their ideas. Cherish them, curate them until they become fruitful. Some receive this message and have no choice but to follow it’s direction.

Learning to curate one’s interests is fruitful in itself. It’s important because it has the potential to start that person on a path early and gives him or her the opportunity to listen to their own monologue. The curating of one’s life begins this way.

Do you have an interest? Follow it. Learn about it. Become an expert. Everyone starts somewhere. Apparently, they start here. In the parking lot outside of the space where their interest resides. The knowledge they seek is just beyond the door of this establishment. Inside, there is not only a community, but also a labyrinth. The most difficult part of entering, for me, is convincing myself that I belong there regardless of my knowledge. Where my own interest becomes a currency, what is it worth? Can I walk into this place and find a place for myself? Can I appreciate experts, or rather those who present themselves as such?

It is this sense of insecurity that sends my many theses off into the wind each day. Many ideas I write down for later, but many others I tell myself have already been thought. It would seem that I lose many potential theses this way.  Someone must already be studying this. Someone must have written a book about this by now. What I learn more of, however, is that there is a distinct possibility that no one has asked this particular question before. Perhaps, not everyone thinks like me. My question today: Why do people do the things that they do?

Many people have asked this question before, I know. But there are millions of questions that follow it. Why do people buy what they buy? Why do people laugh when they laugh? Why is punctuality such an integral part of our society? I ask myself hundreds of these questions every day, but need more information to answer them.

People are not one dimensional. They have many facets, interests and opinions; many of which are contradictory. What parts of a person dictate this choice of facets? What facets do we each choose to show the world and which do we keep for ourselves, and why? Is it only self preservation that keeps us from fully committing to our own inner labyrinths? Are there questions that we ourselves don’t even wish to answer?


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